The David Parr House: Life and Art in a Worker’s Home



Published: May 2019. Paperback cover. Published in association with the David Parr House, Cambridge.

Size: 110mm x 160mm

Author: Anna Norman

Design: Binomi Design

The David Parr House: Life and Art in a Worker’s Home is my most personal book to date. Commissioned by the David Parr House Trust, it tells the story of a Victorian domestic and ecclesiastical artist-decorator who worked, via the Cambridge firm F.R. Leach, for both William Morris and George Bodley in the late 19th century.

While not travelling around the country painting churches and the houses of the wealthy, Parr – who was my great-great-grandfather – transformed his own modest terraced house on Gwydir Street, Cambridge, hand-painting the walls and ceilings under candlelight with intricate Arts and Crafts patterns and diapers that have remarkably survived, thanks to his granddaughter Elsie, who moved into the house when Parr died in 1926.

The book is on sale at the David Parr House. See www.davidparrhouse.org for information on visiting.